Mochez Models Academy 

MOCHEZ Model Academy is a reputable model academy providing opportunities for new aspiring models wanting to further their career in the fashion, beauty or commercial modeling industry. Through a blend of training, advice, work and casting opportunities, experience and practical knowledge, on going networking opportunities, career tools and never ending support and advice, MMA strives to have each student excel in their respective categories. At MMA we aim at helping aspiring models break into the tough world of modeling the right way using contacts we have acquired over the years. We have a highly dedicated team of professionals from various fields in the industry ready to train and support the students and prepare them adequately for their first professional step into the real world of Modeling.

Academy Objectives
Specific Objective:

To create a combination of modeling, dance and theatre to enhance the flexibility of the students and to lengthen their muscles for better form.

• Inspire professional dancing knowledge into the models.
• Create a pool of models who are versatile in delivery in the current setting.
• Train the body to respond positively to adapt to new steps and moves.
• Furnish knowledge on costume making and use.
• Shape an optimal environment where the models can fend for themselves.
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