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Cardinal rules for a kenya models


Maybe it means work on runways, in print ads or even in TV commercials. But before your feet get too far off the ground, make sure you understand the contract you are offered. Read through the contract, if you can’t understand can you please ask for help, don’t be in a hurry to sign things you don’t understand read the terms in their contracts is it going to benefit them and not you? The length of the job, how long is the advert going to run and in how many countries? Check the figure is it worth it? Is the total figure inclusive of the agency fee and taxes? When are they going to pay? When all these is stated and answered, then sign the agreement and always keep your copy in case of any issues ahead.


Being on time, every time, conveys far more than just a good sense of timing. It tells people that you’re on top of things, that you’re organized, that you can be counted on, that you value them, and, ultimately, that you value yourself. Being on time consistently shows everyone around you that you are the master of your life. It’s so disappointing to see Kenyan Models expecting to be paid a lot of money and to be treated as queens yet a simple time keeping never happens. What is so hard to explain in advance that you cannot make it? Personally I will not call a model for a job if I know I can’t count on you to be punctual.


Always know what you are going to audition for and look the part, this is especially for commercial models. For runway models, don’t forget to carry heels by these I mean three inches and above closed or strappy high heels. Don’t come with flats, wedged or something you can’t even walk in, be comfortable and look good. For clothing ensure you either have black tights or trousers and a vest, something to show your body, the jacket, earring and over done make-up leave it for another day. I almost forgot leave you attitude at the door too. Aspiring models go for auditions that fit what they are looking for, if your short why show up in a high fashion auditions?


When doing fitting for a show, the designer or organizer will always ask you to either carry black, nude or any other colours of shoes. Make sure you carry them, do not wear make-up because you are going to spoil the designers clothes, leave the jewelry at home and wear something that you can easily remove when changing to different clothes. Look after your hygiene, clean up nice and don’t forget the roll on and deodorants it irritates to see and smell sweat.


This is when the show is happening, be ready to for quick change of attires and sometimes a messy back stage. When backstage maintain silence because the distance between the backstage and the audience is not far, but you will always find some big head busy talking loudly.


This is mainly the sequence of steps and movements in modeling that is done when practicing for a particular show. If you know you don’t understand things easily can you practice after shows so that you can remember. Don’t do you own things on the final day on stage, for the divas don’t change the choreography to fit what you like, modeling is not about you but the clothes. No wonder some of you were never called for another show.


One of the reasons why some models decide to join the industry was to be celebrities and wear beautiful designer clothes. Which usually happens, but know as a model your work on the runway is to be a hanger, your body is used to display the clothes, just known the attention is not suppose to be on you but the clothes, no wonder you will see most models wearing a stone face with dark make-up because it not about beauty. The beautiful faces and smile are left for the beauty pageants and glamour models except for specific designers who prefer smiles. As a model you have no right to choose what to wear that is the designers work.

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